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A Handyman's Common Sense Guide to Spiritual Seeking: Reader Commentary
A., Abbie Discovery
Abbott, Elizabeth: From "A History of Celibacy"
Adams, Jane: "Western devotees with Ganesan" drawing | "Daffodils in Douglas Harding" drawing
Adyashanti: What Calls the Eye to See | True Meditation
Al-Bistami, Abu Yazid: "Paradox" quotes
Al-Ghazali, Abu Hamid: Doubt Transports You | Hypocrite and believer | Sleep, wakefulness, Being | The happiness of the drop
Albigensian symbol: Dove monument (photo)
American Museum of Natural History: "The Known Universe" video
Anonymous: Love Poem | Some Thoughts about Oblivion, Immortality, and Being a Nobody | As Long as I Can See You | Don't Light a Candle for Richard | Words we use | A Double Helix of Conviction and Concern | Longing | The Tao of Improv | Weekday Warrior | Last Week | Celibacy Q&A | Meaningful Relationships and Happiness | Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression | Insight | A Story About a Kite
Arafat, Rashed: The Denial of Mundane Life by Using the Spiritual Search as a Protective "Cocoon"
Arapahoe: Arapahoe Funeral Prayer
Ashe, Arthur: Egoless Vector
At Home with the Inner Self: Reader Commentary
Atreyu: Falling Down
Aurelius, Marcus: Six Excerpts from Meditations
Awake at the Wheel: Reader Commentary
B., Ben: "Transparent" (poem and photo)
Baker, Jesse: NPR story on actor Hal Holbrook, who died at 95
Balsekar, Ramesh: The Final Truth
Balter, Bruce: What I Have Learned
Bard, Paul: Integrity Poem
Bardasuc, Corina: My Experience with Group Work | Poetry | Beyond the dreaming - a Poem | What Longing Feels Like - a poem | Stop - a poem | Prediction & Living in the Moment | Arches National Park (photo)
Bariso, Justin: Advice from Elon Musk (interview)
Barkow, Jerome: Evoltionary Function of the Self (quote)
Barks, Coleman: Rumi poems reading (video) | Rumi: The Book of Love endpaper
Barrett, Lisa Feldman: Emotions Are Guesses (TED talk)
Bartlett, Charles W: Taj Mahal Sunset (woodblock)
Bassui Tokushō: Question Your Mind
Beck, Julie: This Article Won't Change Your Mind (from The Atlantic)
Benoit, Hubert: On Faith and Accord with the Way
Bergh, Tristan: Launch Pad (Richard Rose Memorial)
Berlin, Heather: Sudden Realizations / Insights (from "What Time Feels Like When You're Improvising")
Bernstein, Bill: Crowd Behavior (from a Morningstar interview
Beyond Mind, Beyond Death: "Beyond Mind, Beyond Death" video trailer | Reader Commentary
Bhatt, Pratap: Deepest Respects (Richard Rose Memorial)
Bierce, Ambrose: An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
Bly, Robert: Robert Bly Reads Antonio Machado
Borges, Jorge Luis: The Enigmas - a poem
Borle, Sharad: East & West (interview) | Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression
Bossman, Robert: A Childhood Story
Bourgeault, Cynthia: The Paradise We Seek
Bradbury, Ray: If Only We Had Taller Been
Brackett, Elder Thomas: Simple Gifts
Brahms, Johannes: Words
Brier, Steve: How I Came to Understand then Overcome Autism Conditions
Bronk, William: What We Are: a poem
Bronson, Ed: Relentless Intensity (Richard Rose memorial)
Bruins, Belle: Interview of Alex Smith re. Sri. Nisargadatta
Buckley, Anna: Is consciousness just an illusion? (BBC News article)
Buckley, Cara: Emma Thompson Gets a Shock at 60 (New York Times article)
Bukowski, Charles: Roll the Dice: a poem | Don't Try (video)
Bunan, ZenMaster: Die While You're Alive
Burns, Jim: The Chief Hang-up | Psychology | Living in Internal Harmony | The Key | Choice | On Dream Study | Inner Guidance | Book excerpt: At Home With the Inner Self | Mankind's Maelstrom | Pearls of Wisdom
Burns, Jim: In Memoriam
Bush, George W.: The Hen Turkey Story
Butler, Mark: I Am Not Opposed
C., Cindy: "Pisces Dream" Bonaire, Leeward Antilles (photo)
C., Eric: Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression
Campbell, Glen: I'm Not Gonna Miss You
Campbell, Joseph: Ponder this
Campfield, Christian: Keep Your Priorities Straight
Carrey, Jim: Philosophizing at Fashion Week
Carse, David: Perfect Brilliant Stillness sample read by Terence Stamp | Outpourings: a poem | Stilll Expanse
Casari, Michael: The Man Who Was a Mirror
Castaneda, Carlos: Saving & Rechanneling Energy (Don Juan character, The Fire from Within)
Celibate Seeker, The: Reader Commentary
Cergol, Bob: Dust Storm in the Desert | Spiritual Desire | There is No Death | Depression & Acceptance | Separate Particles | Affliction to the Individuality Sense | Q & A with | The Will to Define | The Other Side | On Meditation, Two Vectors, and Becoming | "I can see him, but he can't see Me" | Aligning Ourselves with the Will of God? | The Dancing Flame | Letting Go | "What is your calling?" | The Recent Tragedy | You Can't Lie to Yourself | Nothing to be Done? | Looking Away | On Personality, Analysis & Going Within | Volitional Contemplation | Nothing of You Will Remain | Living in the Now? | More on Meditation | Still Point of the Turning World (part 1) | Still Point of the Turning World (part 2 of 2) | What Are You Seeking? | A Meditation on Identity | The Life Behind Things | True Intimacy | Inspiration of Hopelessness | What Are You Looking For? | Do You Think a Higher Power Can Help You? | Are You in Fact a Ghost? | Effective Teaching | Joy as Initiator? | Does He Leave You any Moment? | On Spiritual Pretense | Gauging the Need to Continue the Search | The Light Shining Through the Pumpkin | Gauging Realization in Oneself and Others | Devotion | Going Within | Commentary on Going Within | Going Within: The Object of Attention | Trace Your Roots | On Discipline | Spiritual Action | The Power of Purpose Lies in the Question | The Focus of Attention | Becoming vs. Dying | What Mr. Rose Shared | Dear Aging Becomer | The Certainty You Seek | Generating the Doubt Sensation | Liberated from Yourself | Dear Soul-Seeker | Father... | Countless Lies | Rapport Sittings | Some Advice | From the Unreal to the Real | Summer's Mid-Night | Overcoming Ego-Based Resistance | Commentary on regret | Transcendence | More on Transcendence | Discernment | Nondual Talk | Freedom? | Meditation & the Spiritual Path | Marks of Enlightenment? (discussion) | Realization Experience | Awareness Diagrams | Beyond Mindfulness: Meditation and the Path Within | "NOW" | Desire to Be Reabsorbed | Remembering Dan Panchura | The Mechanics of Creation | "Living in the Now?" Addendum | Conceptual Thought | What Do You Want to Become? | "SUMMER'S MID-NIGHT" (poem) | What Do You Want to Become? Q&A
Cézanne, Paul: "River with the Bridge of the Three Sources"
Chapman, Beth Nielsen: Nothing I Can Do About It Now (song lyrics)
Chatburn, Rob: Emotion v. Sensation
Clair, Linda: What do you want? | Video: Let go of all experiences | Beliefs are Stored Deep in the Body | Enlightenment: You've Got to Long For It | Energy & Grounding in the Body
Clare, John: "I Am!"
Clatfelter, Jim: Take Notice
Cobb, Ricky: Compassion Is Irrational | Poems | Working with Others and Alone on the Path | Seeker Notes | Preconceptions | 20 Spiritual Tools You Can Use On Your Path | What Is Intuition?
Cohen, Andrew: The Promise of Perfection | You Have to Be Ready for the Answer
Cohen, Arianne: Duke University researchers say every brain activity study you've ever read is wrong
Cohen, Leonard: How the Light Gets In (excerpt from "Anthem")
Cole, Nat King: I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
Collins, Billy: The Dead (animation, with poem read by Poet Laureate author)
Conan, Neal: NPR interview of Ed Zine and Dr. Michael Jenike: "An Obsessive Compulsive's Life In Rewind
Conners, Mike: Meditation: It's Not What You Think (part 1) | Meditation: It's Not What You Think(part 2) | Meditation: It's Not What You Think(part 3) | Doing Nothing, All Things are Done | Starting with the Goal | Becoming Will-less Zombies? - Part 1 | Becoming Will-less Zombies? - Part 2
Constant, Paul: The Essence of the Albigen System | Consider Yourself Lucky (Richard Rose memorial) | Richard Rose Quotes & Notes on Spiritual Action (part 1) | Richard Rose Quotes & Notes on Spiritual Action (part 2) | Celibacy | Richard Rose Quotes & Notes on Life & Death | Soap Bubbles | The Awareness Within | The Mind's Resistance | Untruth | Turning the Head | An Excerpt from Correspondence | Life With A Hole In It: That's How The Light Gets In, book review by Vicki Woodyard | Jacob's Ladder: Audio Q&A | Spiritual Rapport | No Religion Is Greater Than Friendship | 5 Questions for 2015? | Friendship | SNR (and the meaning of ego) | A view of Weslea's yard in Maine (photo) | Butterfly photo | Butterfly photo #2 | Enlightenment Confusion | Shifting Our Attention: From the Unreal to the Real and Everything In Between | Amazing Grace | Doubt: The Two-Edged Sword of Spiritual Seekers | Marks of Enlightenment? (discussion) | Navigating Our Spiritual Waters to the Greatest Treasure of All | Absorbing Conflict
Cook, Jesse: Breathing Below Surface
Cornejo, Baruch: E-Mails to a Friend
Covey, Steven R: Insights from Everyday Greatness
Crilley, Jeff: Just Look | Getting Back to What's Important | Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression
Crocker, Neil: Knowing What You Want (article titled "The Elephants")
St. John of the Cross: An Ecstasy of High Contemplation
Crowell, Amanda: 3 Mental Blocks That Keep You From Doing What You Say You Want to Do (with video)
D'Aqati, Caroline: Is Life Meaningless?
d'Aquili, Eugene and Newberg, Andrew B.: On Ego
DailyStoic.com: "A Beginner's Guide To The End" (interview with co-authors BJ Miller and Soshona Berger) and Memento Mori medallion
Damiens, Nicolas: "Tokyo Without Signs" photo
Danilowicz, Alex: ... But it Feels Like Me!: Discerning the Fabric of Personhood
Davis, James: A Poem
Davis, John II: Hymn to Almighty God: "In Charleston Graveyard upon Release"
Davis, Larry: Poems (Beyond, Heat & Light) | Freeing the Inner | Inducing a Spiritual Awakening - Part II
Davis, Pete: Keeping Our Options Open: What Netflix Taught Me About Life (goalcast)
Dennet, Daniel: From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds (Talk at Google)
Dickinson, Emily: Poem #1563 | The Loss of Something Ever Felt I | When a Little Girl
Don Juan: Saving & Rechanneling Energy (The Fire from Within, by Carlos Castaneda)
Donne, John: No Man is an Island
Donnelly, James W.: A Moment Through Time
Dorff, Francis: Lightening the Load
E., Ben: "Parkersburg, PA Sunrise" photo | A reawakening
Ebert, Chaz: "Mountain top experience" of Roger Ebert's during his final days
Edmondson, Shelley: What Comes First?
Ege, John Erik: Ripples in a Pond
Einstein, Albert: Letter to Dr. Marcus | "Reality is merely an illusion"
Eliot, T.S.: I Said to My Soul | A reading of T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
Eloratea: Wait Me in Now - a poem | On the WAY - a poem | Liberation - a poem | Message - a poem | Sacred Way - a poem
Enlightened-Spirituality.org: Wise [of Wise & Zany]
Escher, M.C.: "Circle Limit III" woodcut
Extraordinary People: The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes
Eyal, Nir: The Way You Think About Willpower Is Hurting You
F., Sergio: Naked Through the Gate
Falling for Truth: Reviews of Falling for Truth by Howdie Mickoski
Farnam Street Blog: The Feynman Learning Technique
Fenwick, Peter: What Really Happens When You Die (video interview)
Fergeson, Bob: Ghost in a Box | Trusting the Inner Self | Hijacking of Thought | The Mind in Time | Finding the Inner Self | Tears for Fears | Thoughts on the Limitations of the Finite Mind | Little Man | On the Turning of Heads | Stages of Becoming | On Listening Attention | Marriage of Heaven and Hell | Can We Care for Others as Much as Ourself? | Interpreting Experience | Knots upon Knots | Three Lines of Work | Back of Beyond | Passive Attention | True Direction | The Dividing Mind | Tricks | That Problem Mind | Save it for Later | Where Are You Headed? | Fisherman, Hiker, Driver: Who Am I? | Stalking Yourself with the Listening Attention | The Listening Attention | Listening Attention Commentary | Words... or Experience? | What Dream of Mind? | Self-Observation | Accident, Sublimation, Transformation | As Above, So Below | Working for Inspiration | The Trap of Projection | Who Do You Love? | Tricks & Traps | The Mechanics of Dreaming | On Learning to Listen | Mind Breakers | The Shifting Image of Identity | Fact & Fantasy | What Have We Lost? | Spiritual Ecology | Why Work? | True Compassion | Silence | Our State of Mind: The Ring that Binds | Losing One's Head | The Path of Becoming | Principle & Paradox | Containing Tension | Movie Madness | The Gap of Time | A First Step | Obvious or Oblivious? | Mystic Missal Memorial | Why Don't We Get It? | What Do You Love? | The Source of Trouble | The Paradox of Change | On Direction | From Rock 'n' Roll to Silence | Observing Our Afflictions | Earnest Seeker or Sleepy Dreamer? | The Trap of Compensation | That Which Is Not | Your Dominant Decision-Making Process | The True Way of Advaita | Thinking & Receiving | The Light of Friendship | Working with a Group | The Prayer of Looking | A Double Edged Sword | Solitary Spiritual Retreat | Three Steps to a Working Spiritual Practice | Working Within | Grounding | Gurdjieff | Intelligent Spontaneity | The Good, the Bad, and the Innocent | The Good, the Bad, and the Innocent - Part 2 | The Ties That Bind | Something for Nothing | A Formula for Self Discovery | The Process of Contracting the Ego | Small Cyprus: A Photo | Excerpt from The Listening Attention | Tree Trunks in Snow: a photo | Can You Simply Observe? | Video: The Nothing Dance | 5 Questions for 2015? | "Connemara National Park" photo | Movement | "Moonlit" photo | "Granby Night, Denver Light" photo | Facebook Enlightenment | "Vishnu Temple at Grand Canyon NP" photo | Nostalgia As Refined Feeling (video clip) | Freedom? | Discerning a True Direction: Nostalgia as our Inner GPS | Bald Eagle (photo) | The Pump of the Divine | Camping under the Milky Way (photo) | The Lure of Far Away (photo) | April in Hog Canyon, Dinosaur National Monument (photo) | On Learning to Listen
Ferriss, Timothy: "Slow Is Smooth. Smooth is Fast." excerpt from Tools of Titans | Interview with Marc Andreessen | Discipline, Sex, Psychedelics, and More (podcast excerpt) | Fear-Setting: Define your fears instead of your goals
Fisher, Carl : Against Willpower
Fitzgerald, F. Scott: The test of a first-rate intelligence
Flatland: Dr. Quantum Visits Flatland
Forsthoefel, Andrew: Excerpt from Walking to Listen: 4,000 Miles Across America, One Story at a Time
Forwell, Gerry: The Barn's Coming Down | Haiku
Foyan, ZenMaster: The Basis of Awareness | Look! Look!
Franklin, Ben: Virtues to Master
Franta, Phil: Lakeside Lodge at Penn's Scenic View photo | Inviting Loveseat Bench photo
Frazier, Jan: What do you want?
Galloway, Scott: Excerpts from The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google
Gallucci, Nick: Road near Claymont Foundation's Great Barn (Charles Town, WV) photo
Gandhi, Mahatma: Restraint | Insignificance & Importance
Gardner, Erle Stanley: Eternity
Garmat, Dan: Bernadette Roberts Retreat | Benefits and Blocks to Group Work | Life Teaches: a poem | Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression | Dream: The forgotten history of the Facebook game
Gautama, Buddha: Buddha Said... | In Shunyata (from the Heart Sutra)
Gegenheimer, Mike: The Early Teachings of Richard Rose | Tao Is Self | And the Student Says to the Master | Paradigms | Realization | Remembering Dan Panchura | Notes on Between-ness
Gibson, Prudence: Pavlov's Plants: Plants can learn from experience
Giordano, : Auntie Poldi's Natural Koan
Goethe, J.W. von: The Holy Longing | Epirrhema
Gonnella, Gregor: My Experience Is
Gordon, Steve and Kacandes, Irene: On Learning How to Die (NPR commentary excerpt)
Gould, Philip: When I Die: Lessons from the death zone (YouTube video)
Gorvett, Zaria: Einstein's Quirky Habits
Gosfield, Josh and Sweeney, Camille: Secret Ingredient for Success
Greenwood, Phaedra: "Cloud Cover" water reflection photo | "Dancing Ship" (photo) with accompanying poem by Shawn Nevins
Gregoire, Carolyn: 10 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently
Greyson, Bruce: "Does Consciousness Need a Brain?" video clip
Griffith, Erin: Facebook's Biggest Advantage
Gross, Daniel A.: This Is Your Brain on Silence (Nautilus article)
Gross, Gordon: Everyday Zen | Sex and the Sangha | Robin and the Black Dog
Gubb, Andrew: A Poem
Gurdjieff, G.I.: Aphorisms
H.B: Self-Definition | Event Happens (commentary)
H., Ike: Another Conviction Shaken
Hafiz: Tired of Speaking Sweetly
Hack, Andreas: All Fake - a poem
Hakuin Ekaku: Your Task | Hakuin's Monkey
Hamoui, Omar: Insecurity
"The Hand": Solitary Retreats: Catalysts for Seekers
Harding, Douglas: Self-Enquiry: Some Objections Answered | The Nature of the Physical World | A Jesus for Our Time | How to Be Happy | Ramana Maharshi and J. Krishnamurti | Relying on the Unknown | How to Surrender | Prologue to The Little Book of Life and Death | The Spiritual Path in Pictures | Being and Doing | Five Reasons for Looking | Dark Night of the Soul | Do Not Go Ungrateful | In Memoriam: Douglas E. Harding | Excerpts | Solving Problems - The Technique of No-Choice | The Little Book of Life and Death: Review by John Wren-Lewis
Harijanto, Ike: My Journey So Far | Poems | A Poem | Photo: Banda Isles, Indonesia | Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression | Photo: On the slopes of Dieng Plateau, Caldera, Central Java, Indonesia
Harmon, Gary: The Sculptor | Clouds of Consciousness | Turn Around | Sincere Inquiry | Stillness of Presence | There is only This | The Narcissism of Words | A Pathway | Laugh at the Conjecture | The Master Game | The Identity Barrier | Wake Up | Form and Emptiness | Seeking Self-Knowledge | Tracks | Seminar Notes | On Meditation | Wheel of Manifestations | Honesty | Mutual Understanding | The End is in the Beginning | Yarn of Acceptance | Actionless Awareness | Little Book of Life and Death (book review) | The Boundless Empty Field | Self-Knowledge | Attachment to Attachment | Prisoners of the Cave | The Circle Where Nothing Grows | The Final Step | That Which Has Value | Blaming Karma | Direct Mind Power | Morning | Dispassion | You Can Only Become the Truth | Work & Spirituality | The Friend | Whatever | Easter Sunday | Poems | Musings | A Relentless Man | Accomplishment | Easy to See, Yet Hard to Find | Memories of Ashram Life with a Zen Master | The Valley Spirit and the Wind Master | What ever is to be will be | There is no other | Loneliness
Harmon, Linda: Recipe for Getting REAL | Presence (Richard Rose memorial)
Hartmann, Franz: Preface to Magic, White & Black | Eternal One | Loving the Truth
Harwood, Bob: Silence Ends the Search | Poetry | Poem - At The Coffee Shop | Poem - Life is Strange | Unity Consciousness, The Goal of Many Seekers | Attending the Actual | A Fast Path to Non-Abidance
Hay, Rich: Who Am I? | Compassion Can't Be Cultivated
Hayim, Rabbi of Tzanz: A Hasidic Tale
Heaney, C: Transition | A Serene View (photo) | Placebo Buttons
Heart Sutra: In Shunyata (from the Heart Sutra)
Hedderman, Paul: How the word "my" changes everything video | Serenity Prayer video | Liberation from the Need to be Liberated video | Nature of Thought video | Traveling Lighter with Paul Hedderman video trailer by Poetry in Motion Films
Hill, Isaac: Song of the Ego - a poem | O Mountain of Me - a poem | Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression | The Direct-Mind Experience (review) | More to Reality Than We Know
Hill, Napoleon: On Faith (excerpt from Think and Grow Rich and YouTube video)
Hirsch, Lauren: Pulse: a poem
Hogenboom, Melissa and Pirak, Pierangelo: Is Our Future Set in Stone?
Hokusai, Katsushika: "Irises and a Locust" (painting)
Holbrook, Hal: NPR story on his life, opening monologue to Wilder’s Our Town, and video clip from Into the Wild
Holloway, Steve: Compassion as a Virtue
Holmes, Willa: Milk from Thorns
Hood, Richard: Lack of Pretension (Richard Rose memorial)
Hotz, Robert Lee: A Wandering Mind Heads Toward Insight
Howell, Tim: Can Investigating our Political Leanings Aid our Spiritual Search?
Huang Po: This Pure Mind
Hughes, Tess: Discernment | The Non-Event of No Self with Tess Hughes (video) | Who I Am, Before Birth, Eternally | Acceptance-Surrender | Prayer to me... | Identification | Haiku | On Ego | Crossing the Bridge | Meditation | Message of the Beatitudes | 5 Questions for 2015? | Bog Oak Sculpture (photo) | Where Do We Come From.... | Stonehenge (photo) | This Above All (book published) | Interview (by Awakening Together) video | Our Heart Always Transcends Us | When you meditate, what constitutes a "good" session? | Child of God | Passage entrance at Newgrange (photo) | Flowers (photo) | Marks of Enlightenment? (discussion) | Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression | Garden entrance at Birr Castle (photo) | Daily Life Is the Spiritual Life | Straight Talk (excerpts from This Above All) | The Greater or the Lesser Game of Life – Which Choose You?
Hui Neng: The Platform Sutra, excerpted
Human Planet: video
Humor: Zen Crossword | Bro. Theo looking for Self | Market Forecasting | Bro. Theo on Predestination | Plato and Aristotle (by Steve Harnish) | Bro. Theo "I am not a body" | Smile (W.C. Fields) | Responsibility (Ambrose Bierce) | Loch Ness therapy | Great Faith in Fools (E.A. Poe) | Endeavor (Chris Madden) | Grass Looks Greener (Selig) | Pepper and Salt cartoon | Land of Wise Men (Chris Madden) | Sattvic humor from www.sivananda.org | The joke's on Lin-Chi | Finding his True Self (Chris Madden) | Mae West | Miss Piggy | On Fools: Lincoln, Mark Twain, Anonymous | Zen Comedy Club | Religion of Cowardice (Shaw) | Relativity (Einstein) | Births & Funerals (Twain) | Philosophical Neighbor | When Caught between Two Evils (Mae West) | When the End of the World Comes (Mark Twain) | Free of All Prejudices (W.C. Fields) | Beds of Nails | Treat Children as Adults | Success Formula (Einstein) | From There to Here (Dr. Seuss) | Baiting the Baiter (Chris Madden) | Some Say the World Will End in Fire (Robert Frost) | Skiing (Chris Madden) | Love Involves (Diane Arbus) | Key to a Successful Marriage (Warren Buffett) | If Love is the Answer (Lily Tomlin) | Free to Good Home | George Carlin quips | Forgot My Passwords | Infinity (Einstein) | Driven to Drink (WC Fields) | Novocain Refusal (Dzogchenpas) | "Dear IRS" from Snoopy | Know Yourself (Ann Landers) | Stress (anon.) | Shielding Men from their Folly (Herbert Spencer) | Stress Management | Beethoven Gravesite | Pumpkin Geometry | Thought pun, creation pun (John B.) | My Principles (Groucho Marks) | Doctor's Office Plants (Billy Crystal) | A Sobering Thought (Woody Allen) | What the Old Priest had Learned (Andre Malraux) | Buddha Baby (photo) | Frisbeetarianism | Gandhi on Modern Civilization | Robot Wiring | Adversity (Samuel Johnson) | Donkey Cart | One Thing's for Certain | Definitions: Seeker; Advanced Seeker | Wine (Ben Franklin) | Heroism (Zell Miller) | Teamwork (Sangha) | Success | Always About You | Rank & File (Einstein) | Temptation | Knowledge & Money | Lotus-guru (Johnny Hart) | Hokey Pokey (à la Shakespeare) | Optical Illusion? | Guru Poem (John Wren-Lewis) | (Yogi Berra, James Thurber, Woody Allen); double-decker | Evolution | Female Longevity | Meaning of Life | Thorny Humor | Western Challenge | Buckle Up | Mental Health Hotline | One of Those Days | Meaning of Life (Monty Python) | On Government (Ronald Reagan, Will Rogers, Mark Twain) & Self-Government (Gandhi) | One-Liners by Stephen Wright | In the Bleachers (Steve Moore) | Notable Quotables on Golf | Religious Practice (Kurt Vonnegut) | Tail-Chaser | Churchill Wit | Point of View | Yogisms (Yogi Berra) | Irony (Anatole France, Dolly Parton, H.L. Mencken, Rita Rudner, Artemus Ward, Woody Allen | Mark Twain at 70 | Wet and Dry (Jim and Edna....) | What Does God Look Like? | Where's the Ladle? | Out of My Mind (Vicki Woodyard) | Birth is thus... (Dahui) | If a man says something... | Consciousness - an animation of spirit | A guy joins a monastery... | Men and melons.... (Ben Franklin) | Hey, Buddy.... | It will pass | Tombstones | A young swordsman.... | A perfectly wonderful evening.... | The Dualist's Lament | What if everything is an illusion.... | Upon Hearing One Too Many Spiritual Cliches | Quoting Einstein | Gauguin on stupidity | I have never killed a man.... | ...the need for illusion | Traveler and Farmer | Rumi humor | Einstein's religion | Woody Allen one-liners | Lily Tomlin: I always wanted to be somebody.... | The illusion of life cartoon | Mark Twain: ...looking like an envelope | Video - A Homeopathic Emergency | Just Give Up | Sheeple | What the hell is water? | Puppetji speaks: Who am I? | A looper for the Dalai Lama | Mark Twain: ...I have suffered | Ornery Donkeys | ...mental institution of the universe | The Zen of Sarcasm | Mark Twain, Stephen Bishop, and Henny Youngman on relationships | Sahlins, Bright and Wilde | If this is the American Dream.... | Hey Waiter... There's God in My Soup! | God is an Atheist, by N. Nosirrah: an Enlightenment Dudes book review | A mile in someone else's moccasins | Brian Kiley, Emo Philips, and Woody Allen | It's nice to be nice.... | You hate your job? | Seriousness is stupidity.... | Play... Work... Die | Fractal Wrongness | Do not argue with an idiot... | "Detected" by Ambrose Bierce | Pagnol, Woody Allen and Sacha Guitry | If you tell the truth... | Human level intelligence... | Absolute and Relative Confusion | I met a man who wasn't there | Kermit's horrible truth | Peanut's power | There is no humor | "Yoga" from Stuff White People Like | Pink Panther teaches Non-Duality | The name of that restaurant.... | Fractals | "I need to pee" Haiku | The Summation of Me | Curious George Meets His End | Confessional Box | Amnesia cheat sheet | Stealing bikes | Philosophers' Strike | Learning to Swim | Was that today? | Motivational Speakers graveyard | Cheese and Crackers | Your own thoughts | If I agreed with you | Creationist Cosmos | The daydreaming room | Jesus | Taking all this too seriously | Can I help you? | Portuguese Proverb | Ukrainian Proverb | Facial Expressions | Robert Benchley quips | "An Old Has-Been" poem by Judith A. Davis | Accompanying photo by Francie Ivy | The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers (A Riff on Ego?) by A.A. Milne | The Next Nonduality Book Title | The Narcissist Test, by Doug Savage | Lemur Meditation retreat? | Life in the Punitentiary | Man's Best Friend (by Groucho Marx) | Tombstone Wit | Yogi Berra's Observation | "So Freakin' Enlightened" cartoon by Mark Stivers | You're Quipping | Say what? Basset hound communication | The only thing that stands between me and happiness | Paronomasia | A feline twist on Harding's tube experiment | An anecdote from The Dog Who Came in from the Cold by Alexander McCall Smith | Zen Rattle | Meditating Frog Zen master painting | The Man Who Wasn't There | Crossroads Confusion | More Old Tombstone Wit | "Cereal Killer" by Paul Constant | "How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps" (Youtube video) | If You Fear Change | Haiku Humor | Truth is like poetry…. | Silver torch cactus (photo) | Mabutsu haiku humor (or irritation?) | Bumper Stickers & Film Funnies | What do you get when you cross a dog with a frog? by R.L. Stein | Seen on a Dublin, Ireland bathroom wall by an observant TAT member | Gingerbread Man cartoon from Cyanide and Happiness © Explosm.net | Seen on a church sign: "God…on vacation and…." | Excerpts from Ha! 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Kay, Brian: The Waking Dream
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Kelley, Susan: "Left, Right and Center: Mapping emotion in the brain"
Kent, John: Richard Rose's Psychology of the Observer: The Path to Reality Through the Self
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Kiyosaki, Robert T.: "All coins have three sides" (from Why the Rich Are Getting Richer)
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Saunders, Heather: Find Out for Yourself | Two Poems | A Poem | A Poem | My Palliative Guru | Spiritual Care Plan | Haiku | Listening Point photo | Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression
Schibbelhute, Joel: Thoughts on not thinking
Schmidt, Paul: Master Storyteller (Richard Rose memorial) | "Switzerland of the Rockies": Uncompahgre Gorge, Ouray, CO (photo)
TheSchoolOfLife.com: "Why You Shouldn't Trust Your Feelings" (video)
Schulz, Kathryn: "When Things Go Missing"
Schwantes, Marcel: NO
Schwartz, L: "End of Story" (poem)
Scoma, David: The Tantric Distraction | Interdependence | The Checklist-Introduction [referencing Richard Rose] | Willing | Crossing the Line & The Greatest Grace | The Flatscreen | Committed?
Scorelle, Mark: Short Path/Long Path: Teachings of Paul Brunton
Seabright, Mark: On/Off, Waking/Sleeping | I'm Not This Body?
Segal, Suzanne: Nothing Is Given Up
Seidelin, Tune: Two Poems
Self-inquiry, email groups: Heart Readings
Sendak, Maurice: Illustration for Ruth Krauss's Open House for Butterflies
Seneca, Lucius: 4 Quotes from "On Shortness of Life"
Seth, Anil: Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality (TED talk)
Shackleton, Ernest: Invitation to Adventure
Shelley, Percy Bysshe: "Ozymandias"
Skenderis, Kostas: "Reality an Illusion?"
Sickerott, Rachelle: "Divinity Is Upon You" poem
Sidon, Weslea: "I Keep Losing Things"
Sierra, Pete: The Emerald Scarab
Simpson, Sturgill: "Brace For Impact (Live A Little)" video
Sloman, Steven and Fernbach, Philip: "Individual Thinking?" From The Knowledge Illusion
Smith, , U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Glacier and Hiker (photo)
Smolin, Lee: Space: The Final Illusion (Scientific American article)
Soehnlen, David: A Letter
Solid Ground of Being: Reader Commentary
Solow, Victor: I Died at 10:52 A.M.
Sotloff, Steven: Everyone Has Two Lives
Spira, Rupert: Why am I not Enlightened Yet with Rupert Spira | Excerpt from "The New Science of Consciousness" video, and request for feedback
Spoon, The: The Naked Soul
Stanford, Nigel: CYMATICS: Science vs. Music (video)
Stark, Brett: Top Ten Rap Songs For the Spiritual Seeker | Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression | To Do or Not to Do? | My Grandfather
Steenbarger, Brett: Teamwork à la Gurdjieff
Stine, Tom: I Wasn't Joking: You Really Can't Sit Too Much | Shortcuts on the Spiritual Journey #36
Subtraction: Reader Commentary
Suhor, Charles: Dogma, Karma, No Regrets
Sweeney, Camille and Gosfield, Josh: Secret Ingredient for Success
Szymborska, Wislawa: Nothing's a Gift
T., Tyler: The Path to Nirvana and Beyond: A summary of the core teachings of Franklin Merrell-Wolff | Let Go and Love | Getting Orientated | The simplicity of Self (poem)
Tabrizi, Shams-i: Quotes
Takacs, Istvan: Photo inside Boldogkö Castle, Hungary
Talbot, Michael: Holographic Universe excerpt
Tasc, Uma: The Question
TAT Conference: Just Be Honest: a YouTube video trailer from the April 2006 TAT gathering
TAT Forum: A collection of Forum readers' favorite songs (videos)
Taylor, James: An Unexpected Spiritual Teacher (Oprah's Master Class video)
Taylor, Robin: Flame tree (against brick building in Mali (photo)
Tharpe, Sister Rosetta: "Precious Memories" (video)
TheOnion.com: "How's Your Life Plan?
This Above All: Reader Commentary
Think like a Mountain, Be Melting Snow?: Quotes
Thomas, Devin: Something That Stirs
Thoreau, Henry David: Light or Darkness
Ticknor, Art: The Will to Resist | Muddled Mind Sonnet | Acrostic | Buddha's Turning Point | Do Not Fear the Darkness | Critical Path to Nirvana | Last Supper | Nirvana Project Management | Home Base | Always Right Behind You | Is Psychological Change Necessary? | Pursuit of Relentless Love | Man to God | Complications & Sticking Points | The Ego | O Come All Ye Faithful | Impressions | Rapport | Innermost Longing | First Know Thyself | This Camera | Everything Will Be Okay | Find your Highest Opposition | Pass It On | Crossing over the Bridge | Hearing | What Do You Really Want? | Call & Response | Feed Before You Eat | I Have Never Left You | Something & Nothing | Nothing & Everything | Are You a Person? | Struggling Blindly | Number Our Days | Meditation: What Is It? | What of Me Will Remain? | Our Purpose | Meeting Richard Rose: 1978 (part 1) | Heaven | Meeting Richard Rose: 1978 (part 2) | Rabbit-Proof Fence | What Is Action? | Gender & the Denial of Death | Richard Rose on Controlling the Mind | The Cosmic Egg & the Sense of Self | Is What You See Real? | Three Questions | In Memoriam: Douglas E. Harding | Progression | The Problem's not in the Transmission | Of Goats and Gates | Pride & Precipice | Inspiration, Intention & Commitment | True Love | How Is It Possible? | The Light Bulb | When I Finally Became Serious | Disinformation | Beyond Bliss | Where is Permanence? | Acceptance and Surrender | The Final Hour | Why do Seekers of Truth Fail? | Paean to Group Work | Becoming Your Own Authority | A Poem | Breaking Through Beliefs | Why Do You...? | Your Strategy | Thinking about Thinking | All You Need to Do | Mirror Therapy | Inspiration | Becoming Unstuck | "Petition": A Poem | Asking Ourselves out of Depression | Work, Watch, Wait | Magnetoresistance & the Search for Self | Is the World an Illusion? | The Bellows: a poem | Look at Awareness | Our one father | Excerpt from the book Beyond Relativity | Longing | Struggling to Open - excerpt from Beyond Relativity | Existential suffering ends.... | "Where's the Boundary?" | "The Final Hour" | A Cosmos of Confusion | Freedom? | Transcending the Mind | Marks of Enlightenment? (discussion) | Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression | Reponse to last month's I'm Not This Body? essay | Life Is like a Flame | Eternal Perfection
Ticknor, Christopher: Cliffs of Moher (photo)
Tolle, Eckhart: Oprah talks with Eckhart Tolle | The Power of Now and the End of Suffering
Torrence, David: Becoming a Man
Tran, Jonathan: "Inspiration Frustrations": A Poem
Traversa, Eddie: Uncovering the Hidden Shadow Aspects of You | Uber Dream Analysis | Negating Patterns | The Probability of Enlightenment | Between-ness: A Guide to Creating Magic in Life
Tupy, Marian L: Things Are Getting Better, So Why Are We All So Gloomy?
Turner, Brian: Deep-Down Scared excerpts from My Life as a Foreign Country
Twain, Mark: Twenty years from now | "shoals of fools" quote
Unknown: Man & Moon (photo)
Urban, Tim: What Makes You You? (WaitButWhy.com link)
USA Today: Nice Work If You Can Get It
V., Abhay: Energy and Tension
van de Wettering, Janwillem: Sadguru (dialogue)
Van Pelt, Kate: "Something Says"
Various: Group Work Nuggets
Vedder, Eddie: Into the Wild - Rise video
Verena Gorge: Hermitage and church, Solothurn, Switzerland photo
Very, Jones: Soul Sickness
Video: Golem by Patrick Mccue and Tobias Wiesner | Together We Will Live Forever by Clint Mansell | To Be by John Weldon | Amongst White Clouds by Edward A. Burger | Choros by Michael Langan & Terah Maher | Happy Little Clouds by Bob Ross (Remixed) | Walk a Different Direction by Vernon Howard | Mister Rose | Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones | The Most Astounding Fact by Neil deGrasse Tyson | Gaelic Blessing by Libera | Love and Death by Woody Allen | Gretna Green Starling Murmurations | Explosions by Christopher Frey
Vidyarthi, Sunil K.: A Poem | Nature of Thought | Meditation | The Hole Within
Vissac, Thierry: What is Love?
W., Chuck: Dexter (photo) | Posutinia (photo)
W., Leesa: Remembrance of Jeff Crilley & Contemplation of Depression | Suffering Is Missing | Response to last month's I'm Not This Body? essay | February sunset from Anna Maria Island, FL | Effort vs. No Effort | Response to last month's Getting Orientated essay
Wade, Robert: "Wildflowers" poem
Ware, Bronnie: The Top Five Regrets of the Dying
Wearing, Clive: Clive Wearing: A case of extreme amnesia
Weimer, David: Pieces from my Road | An Appropriate Gesture | Poems | A Poem | A Poem | 21 Things that I Wish I had Told Myself when I was Younger | All of Me | a poem | My Three Women | A Short Story: Relatively Speaking | I Knew That There Was Something Really Wrong - a poem | Book Review: The Haunted Universe | I Knew That There Was Something Really Wrong | The Best Gift | What questions would I ask of anyone who was enlightened? | Reverse-order Q&A | Correspondence between Ohio and Connecticut | A Poem | Portrait of a Seeker - upcoming book excerpt | Group Work | Book Excerpt - A Handyman's Common Sense Guide to Spiritual Seeking | The Disintegration of Me | Two Poems
Wells, H.G.: The Door in the Wall
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West, Mae: Mae West on Sex
Westmoreland, Deborah: under the bamboo: a poem | The Last Unraveling: a poem | Four Hundred and Forty Beats Per Second: a poem | Haiku
White, Doug: Bernadette Roberts Retreat | An Encounter with Tony Parsons
Whitely, Mike: House on Fire: Urgency on the Spiritual Path | Postscript to House on Fire | An Encounter with Tony Parsons
Whitman, Walt: Whoever You Are, Holding Me Now in Hand video
Whitmire, Thomas: A Song of Parting | A Poem | The Unknown You: A Poem
Whyte, David: All the True Vows | On Friendship | Total Honesty (video with David Whyte quotes)
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler: Illusion
Wilder, Thorton: Hal Holbrook's opening monologue to Wilder’s Our Town, "a drama that has been performed more than any other play in the history of American theater"
Williams, Greg: Singing Mice (NYU research article and YouTube clip)
Wilson, Colin: Excerpt from G.I. Gurdjieff: The War Against Sleep
Winfrey, Oprah: An Unexpected Spiritual Teacher: James Taylor (video)
Woodyard, Vicki: Reflections (Paradox, There Is Only Everything)
Wren-Lewis, John: A Terrible Beauty | Unblocking a Malfunction in Consciousness | Guru Poem | The Darkness of God (part 1) | The Darkness of God (part 2) | Joy Without a Cause | Review of Douglas Harding's The Little Book of Life and Death
Wright, James: Today I Was Happy
Wright, Wyatt: You Can't Hide from Yourself in Others | Form is Emptiness
Yoda: Yoda teaches Luke Skywalker the Force
Yorimasa, Mimamoto no: Death Poem
Young, Scott: Freudian Flip | How to Enjoy Studying
Yousuf, Saima: Waves of Love
Zen Surfer's Quest: "Saltwater Buddha" Documentary Short
Zetty, Metta: Awakening into Awareness (part 1) | Awakening into Awareness (part 2) | Awakening into Awareness (part 3) | Awakening into Awareness (part 4)
Zhuangzi: Great Dream
Zoo Fence: Do We Have to Give up S-E-X? | Gender & The Spiritual Search | Gender & The Spiritual Search
Zucker, James: How Do You Know You're Real?
Zydek, Fredrick: Praying Our Way Through Doubt


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