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...friendship and the spiritual search

The TAT Foundation, friendship and the spiritual search.

"The highest form of spiritual work is the realization of the essence of man...."

"You never learn the answer; you can only become the answer."

"My purpose is to outline a system which will prove itself as it goes along, and which will reward us at any point along the line by finding for us a more disciplined and skillful mind, and a mind that is more aware of itself."

—Richard Rose

The life of the spiritual seeker is often a solitary affair. However, there are friends to find, books to read, and information to share. The TAT Foundation and its spiritual search site offer a place for genuine philosophical and spiritual inquiry on all levels, modeled on the principle that cooperation and interaction with fellow inquirers can expedite a seeker's own investigation. Within these pages, you will find an introduction to Richard Rose and his system for spiritual achievement, the continuing work of the TAT Foundation, and esoteric books and recordings of value to those interested in the search for Reality. The depth of friendship and a unique set of principles without the dogma—these form the basic precepts of TAT® videos, audio, publications, and events.

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Site Contents

TAT Forum Online Magazine
A monthly spiritual magazine of essays, poetry, and humor that inspires seekers to action in the spiritual search. Read past issues of timeless inspiration.

About the TAT Foundation
Established by Richard Rose to encourage seekers to help each other. A dynamic organization with members who can help at the deepest level. Learn about TAT's mission.

Who is Richard Rose?
Read about the founder of the TAT Foundation and the Albigen System. Learn why Richard Rose is one of the most profound spiritual teachers this country has ever produced.

The Albigen System
A brief outline of Rose's direct approach to finding answers to your deepest life-questions. A system with proven results.

Books and Recordings New Book! Spiritual DVD Videos
Publications of the TAT Foundation Press, Richard Rose books, recommended spiritual books, conference DVDs, and MP3 audio recordings. New!

TAT Journal Archive
Published from 1977 to 1986 for spiritual seekers to develop genuine friendships, share ideas, and understand themselves.

Calendar of TAT Activities
Information on TAT's four spiritual retreat weekends and a listing of member groups in various locations. It's the coming together of sincere spiritual seekers that makes the TAT Foundation so unique.

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Additional Spiritual Resources

Best Spiritual Sites on the Web
A survey of TAT members' favorites. Criteria for evaluation of gurus and unique systems.

What is Meditation?
Comments from Richard Rose and TAT Foundation members.

Spiritual Gatherings Bulletin Board
Worldwide listing of ongoing meetings and special events. Submit information on groups and events.

Retreat Facilities/USA + Other Countries
A guide to hermitages, cabins, and other places for spiritual reflection. Improve your solitary retreats.

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