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December 2010

This Month's Contents: A poem and a picture.

Editor's Note
by Shawn Nevins

spiritual magazine

To hear another person say what we feel lights up the mind. Until then, bound by words we could not find, all we had was an ache, a gesture, or unrestful silence. "Yes," we say, "that's it!" and what was only shadow becomes form. We are unbound.

This month's poem contains words buried deep within us; words we recognize as true. Words unlocking doors to vastness, doors to freedom, doors to nothingness. Please excuse the sparseness of this month's edition — sometimes there is simply nothing more to say. You don't need any other words. Live a life with no more distractions.

I turn around and round
The self
Like a dog
Chasing its own tail.
Trying to sniff out
My very soul.
My senses lead me
Most of the time.
My hearing wasted
On the song of birds.
My taste sense wasted
On many hardened bones.
My eyes hardened
By the chase of many fleeting
But yesterday I think,
When I was circling yet
I caught the scent
Of a thought.
Unlike the other thoughts.
It simply told me

~Corina Bardasuc

still from the film Into Great Silence


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