TAT's August Virtual Spiritual Gathering
Through the Eyes of a Child

Saturday and Sunday
August 15 & 16, 2020

Listen gently. There is a Child inside us. It lives. Vigorously. It is as youthful as ever and it hasn't lost a thing to time. What's more, that Child is capable of resurrection and emergence right out here into this world of trials, tribulations, space and time.
~ William Samuel

Through the Eyes of a Child Photo: Paul Schmidt

Through the eyes of a child is an extremely popular saying. An online search brings up several books and popular songs and countless quotes with that theme. They often mention the benefits of "childlike" qualities, such as innocence, joy, and freedom. But, what is the spiritual significance of seeing "Through the Eyes of a Child"? And, what does the "child" perspective have to do with your spiritual search?

TAT teacher Bob Fergeson says the inner child can open the door to spiritual discovery by freeing us from identification with the ego. In his essay Intelligent Spontaneity, he says: "The ego is seen for what it is through the eyes of the Child, and is no longer our identity or sole reference. We do not use the Child for the further purposes of the ego, but become it."

Join us online for a weekend of insightful talks, small group discussions, and meditation as we seek true self-knowledge "Through the Eyes of a Child." The virtual event, which includes both audio and video, is being offered for a minimal fee of $35 for TAT members and $40 for non-members. If possible, please consider donating a larger amount (the drop-down menu below has options ranging from $60 to $80). Your generosity will help defray the many costs incurred in preparing the new TAT Center. We deeply appreciate your support!

The registration deadline for TAT's Virtual Spiritual Gathering is Friday, August 14.

Meet our featured presenters:

  Tess Hughes

Tess Hughes, an Irish woman who lives in Ireland, came across the TAT Foundation one Autumn evening in 2003 while Googling an old boyfriend whose name was Richard Rose! This serendipitous event eventually (7 years later) led her to "the golden find beyond the mind" that Richard Rose—founder of the TAT Foundation—referred to. Tess attributes the direction, encouragement, and knowledge she found at the TAT community to forging the way for this transformation in herself. Watch Tess' presentation recorded during the 2017 TAT Spring Conference, or watch her interview on ConsciousTV.

Nowadays, Tess likes nothing better than to pass on to others what she was given. She lives near Galway, Ireland.

  Tyler Tarrant

On his 30th birthday, and while sitting by a pool in Las Vegas, Tyler had a spontaneous and unexpected Satori that transformed a decade-long passive interest in the Truth into an ever-more urgent quest to viscerally apprehend what the great sages are pointing at. After nine tumultuous and trying years, and after coming into a steady and strong rapport with a clear-eyed friend, Tyler recognized his Unborn and spotless nature in, with, and as everything already. Forever a beginner at waking up to what he is, Tyler enjoys sharing his true passion of Self-discovery with anyone who is willing to look and start sincerely letting go.

Tyler lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife and two dogs.

Additionally, the event includes:

  Breakout sessions for group inquiry facilitated by Anima Pundeer, Bob Cergol, Bob Fergeson, Bob Harwood, Norio Kushi, Paul Rezendes, and Tyler Tarrant.

  A panel discussion to delve more deeply into our weekend theme "Through the Eyes of a Child," with ample opportunity for Q&A between panelists and participants.

  A breakout group workshop on The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics, authored by William Samuel.

  A guided meditation with Shawn Nevins—an opportunity to develop rapport and end the weekend with inspiration.

Weekend Schedule
(all times are North American eastern time)

TAT August 15-16, 2020 Spiritual Retreat Weekend Banner

Day One - Saturday, August 15, 2020

  10:30 to 10:45 AM - Welcome and introduction

 10:45 to Noon - Closer than Close with Tess Hughes
"God is nearer to us than our own soul," wrote Julian of Norwich, around 1400 in Norwich, England. According to a recent BBC news item, Julian was self-isolating from the black plague when much of her spiritual fruition happened. She is being held up as an example of the benefits of self-isolation.

God, Love, All, The One, the many names by which we name the mystery we all know is closer than close in the consciousness of the child. Tess will talk about the loss of this consciousness and give some pointers about how we might facilitate its recovery in ourselves.

  Noon to 1:00 PM - Break for lunch

 1:00 to 2:15 PM - Group Inquiry facilitated by Anima Pundeer, Bob Cergol, Bob Fergeson, Bob Harwood, Norio Kushi, Paul Rezendes, and Tyler Tarrant
Through honest and open dialogue in small groups, we help one another clarify our understanding by turning away from untruths. Thus, we turn from the illusion of life to Reality. Such questioning is at the core of Richard Rose's Albigen System.

 2:15 to 2:30 PM - Break

 2:30 to 3:45 PM - Dropping the Search for a Particular Experience with Tyler Tarrant
In modern spirituality, the Realization of one's True Nature is often conflated with the idea that the seeker must shed and get rid of the dead weight they are carrying—be that dead weight classified as vasanas, egoic tendencies and programming, self-partiality itself, suppressed emotional junk, or the annihilation of the personal self. With this idea firmly fixed in mind, the seeker (utilizing any means or techniques they pick up from their study of the subject) sets off on a quest to purify and subtract themselves into liberation—judging their progress by any internal or external changes they notice as a result of their efforts. This movement is based in illusion. For as long as the Realization of one's True Nature remains an object to be attained, then like a carrot at the end of a stick it remains out of reach—for one's True Nature is not an object, not a subject, and one does not make progress towards it. By sharing elements of his own personal story, Tyler will look closely at the causeless nature of Realization, the illusion of the diminishment of self-partiality appearing on the path, and how sincerely bringing the eyes of a child to genuine (agenda free) self-inquiry can lead a seeker out of the illusion of "progress" and towards the gateless gate.

  3:45 to 4:00 PM - Day one wrap-up

Day Two - Sunday, August 16, 2020

  10:30 to 10:45 AM - Welcome

 10:45 to Noon - Panel Discussion with Anima Pundeer, Bob Cergol, Bob Fergeson, Tess Hughes, and Tyler Tarrant
Our panel will explore our weekend theme more deeply by talking about ways or practices that move us in the direction of the "child perspective." The session includes ample opportunity for Q&A between panelists and participants.

  Noon to 1:00 PM - Break for lunch

 1:00 to 2:15 PM - The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics, authored by William Samuel.
The work of William Samuel (1924-1996) is based on Awareness and Self-discovery. He believed that childlike simplicity and honesty are the hallmarks of Reality's Tranquility. Our special workshop in small breakout groups will explore Samuel's teachings with an intention of exposing the Child within us. We encourage you to read an excerpt from The Child Within Us Lives! before the TAT weekend.

 2:15 to 2:30 PM - Break

 2:30 to 3:15 PM - Guided Meditation facilitated by Shawn Nevins
Shawn views guided meditation as having the potential to develop rapport when done in a group setting. A guided meditation is an opportunity to step into a different perspective for a few minutes, to be coached, or inspired by the mind of another person. Shawn hopes this guided meditation inspires you and offers another step on your own unique path inward. It will be followed by a facilitated discussion among session participants.

  3:15 to 3:30 PM - Meeting wrap-up and feedback for future TAT events

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