"A spot on earth upon which to meet. A homing ground...." ~ R. Rose


As of April 2021, improvements continue at the TAT Center in North Carolina, and we look forward to the day we begin hosting on-site events.

Despite unexpected delays from the pandemic, the list of milestones reached since 2019 is long, and many thanks are due to the more than 200 people whose generousity brought us to this point. From $5.00 donations to spending weekends swinging a hammer, the contributions are as varied as those who consider themselves friends of TAT. Please consider joining this select group dedicated to making a home for spiritual inquiry and pursuit of Truth.front of retreat center

Your help is needed to secure the future for meeting and retreats at the TAT Center.

    Milestones Achieved in 2020 through early 2021:
  1. Upgraded the water system
  2. Purchased chairs, tables, beds, and linens for event participants
  3. Completed first walking trail
  4. Upgraded the internet connectivity
  5. Numerous solo retreats held
  6. Bob Fergeson spent a year as resident teacher before returning to Colorado in early 2021
  7. Mark W had a successful year as our invaluable resident caretaker
    Projects Nearing Completion for 2021:
  1. Finishing the interior of the meeting room in preparation for holding our first TAT meeting at the Center
    Fundraising Goal for 2021:
  1. Repayment of short-term loans totaling $37,500.
  2. Repairs to HVAC system. $4,000

LET'S BRING THIS TO LIFE! “The job is upon us,” Richard Rose said, “and it is worthwhile.” To contribute to the "Homing Ground" project, mail a check made out to the TAT Foundation to: TAT Foundation PO Box 873 Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Big checks, little checks, all are welcome. Or you can use PayPal (though we lose 2.2% of your donation to PayPal fees) by choosing the "Make a Donation" button below. TAT is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational organization and qualifies to receive tax-deductible contributions.



New fundraising goal for 2021:

fundraising graph

Meeting room nearing completion!

meeting room exterior

View from the back of the Center

retreat center back

    Here are two other ways to support this project:
  1. We registered TAT with the eBay Giving Works programs, so if you are active on eBay, you can select TAT to receive a portion of your sale. Check out our Giving Works page.
  2. Buy stuff on Amazon. Follow this, or any other Amazon link on TAT's site and a percentage of your purchased price is credited to TAT. It's easy and costs you nothing: Amazon Purchases



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