The Law of Suggestion

Softcover, 163 pages, ISBN: 1878683047

The Study of Hypnosis as a Study of the Mind


Cover of The Law of Suggestion by Santanelli Selected quotes by Santanelli:

  "Man does not 'think,' he realizes. Thinking is the transforming of energy (suggestion). I pinch you; it has happened and is registered irrespective of your 'will power,' and when registered, you realize it when I touch you. Can you help thinking of it? I show you my watch, and you think of it. You hear a sound, you think of it; you smell or taste something, and think of it; you have no control nor in any manner can you prevent the consciousness or realization of the senses so affected."

  "Suggestion means anything that arouses an action. This is the law: Surround a man with every suggestion or attribute of sleep and he will be asleep; surround him with every suggestion of virtue and he cannot help being pure, and no credit is due him...."

  "Pain is a thought; the suggestion or cause exists. I pinch your arm; where do you feel it? In your arm? That is not true, because when you are chloroformed you do not feel it. You feel it in the brain ... then it is a thought...."

  "Mind is the tenant of the house it lives in—the body. That house is always wasting; mind rebuilding it. When mind rebuilds correctly, we have a healthy body; when incorrectly, we have what is called sickness. Mind can only build as of itself, as it responds to its environment...."

  "Your thoughts are forced on you by your environment, and are the transformation of the suggestion."


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