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Quotes from Richard Rose's books and
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Excerpts from Richard Rose's Books

"The highest form of spiritual work is the realization of the essence of man. The final definition of man. And with this definition -- the definition of all things, and a realization of the Nature, Absolute, or God behind all things."

"What is reality? We can only know the truth by teaching ourselves to face the truth in all things. If we encourage our computer to come up with erroneous answers, because they are more desirable, then we are developing a computer that we may never be able to trust. Truth is that which Is."

"Experience is a worthless and transient existence unless the experiencer is known."

"Man demands that God prove Himself in terms of symbols and paradigms or be considered as non-existent."

"For those who are somewhere in between the folly of youthful hedonism and the indifference of old age, some system needs to be salvaged from the experience of those who managed to make a grand assault upon definition, and who admittedly found an answer."

"The path to Truth begins with the self. We cannot properly isolate, identify, or analyze the self, because it is the subject about which we know the least."

"We live in a cloud of illusions and rarely realize that we are spinning this web of fiction for all the hours and days of our lives, unless we are fortunate or unfortunate enough to die slowly. Perhaps slow death may be the only moments of reality for the total life of many earthlings. Because the dying person is forced to face the fact that he is about to become zero."


Excerpts from Mister Rose, the video...

"When you question any consciousness, it will have to answer you or leave. That's the Zen technique for everything." Cover of Mister Rose DVD

"The things that are holding you up personally are the negative things that have happened to you."

"You have to start with the recognition that we do not have the truth."

"A searcher for truth can never be an acceptor. You have to be a challenger."

"I do believe there's a system that searches for the Truth, and it's a process of challenging everything."

"It's good to challenge a person's thinking. You get them out of their daydreaming by saying, 'Hey -- what are you thinking? Why are you thinking it?' "

"The person who has an ability to love has a much greater chance of immortality."

"IQ is not the greatest value. Rather, try to develop intuition."

"You're on a desert with no railroad tracks. You will have to go on intuitional hunches."

"We have to fatten up the head before we can chop it off -- have to do a lot of studying -- have to become virtuous. Conservation of energy results in using a body function to transmit the mind into discovery."

"Keep active along the direction of truth, the direction of discovery."

"Then you find out you don't discover anything -- you become."

"The whole path to truth is through the umbilical cord -- a mental umbilical cord. It links you to the Brahman. We are the Atman."

"The spiritual experiences that people have are a result of looking inside themselves."

"You'll not find the umbilical cord by reading books. You find it by going inside yourself. By observing yourself."


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