Psychology of the Observer

Softcover, 133 pages, ISBN: 978-1-878683-06-9

A Road Map of the Way through a Retreat from Error


Cover of Psychology of the Observer by Richard Rose Selected quotes by Richard Rose:

  "My purpose here is not even to tempt you with ideas of that which you may find. I outline a trip because I feel that the individual is entitled to some type of roadmap of the "Way," from someone who has made the trip and then decides to open his mouth up widely and announce that the trip has a golden objective."

  "The blueprint has been made, and all dies cast. The program for each robot is cast also. All that man can attain is a knowledge of his true nature, and some restricted ability to affect things which are not really real -- meaning mental projections in which we believe."

  "Psychology, in its present direction, is impossible. We are fooled by its pose of objectivity ... one that would either pretend that the body is all that there is, or that the mind is merely a reflexive system alone."

  "... The different levels of the mind, or the anterior observers, should be discovered not accepted from testimonial evidence from me. The student should begin from a point of no-conviction."

  "This whole process is a retreat from error, not a planting of a postulation and then massing all of our forces to prove that postulation. It is taking zero, and building from zero."

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