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A Sensible Approach to Meditation


Cover of Meditation by Richard Rose Selected quotes by Richard Rose:

  "We must first know the self before studying the universe."

  "But remember peace of mind is a gift of nature, not of the Absolute. You have peace of mind when you are causing no ripples in nature. Satori only comes with friction and irritation."

  "At the same time that we examine ourselves psychologically, we should examine ourselves directly. There are important questions, of which we should always be aware. We should now look at thought itself, and look for the relationship between awareness and thought."

  "Watching the thought processes will stimulate us to purify and clarify them. And analysis will, with increased clarity, enable us to see the anatomy of thought more clearly."

  "Awareness might be called attention in the ultimate degree. And with this attention, we may discover that the whole world is projected through our mind, with endless energy that lays even behind that mind."

  "The ultimate aim of meditation is going within. Going within means to find Reality by finding the Real part of ourselves. It does not mean merely the playing around inside the head with random observations which we think are important to understanding the natural mechanism of man's mind.
   "Also we come to the realization that each individual's going within is unique to that person. However there are procedures and general hints that will help everyone. We take this information from other people who have gone inside.
   "The big trouble with all forms of meditation is the inability to hold the mind on a given project long enough to achieve results...."

  "If you cannot supply the relentless dynamic energy needed to propel you into Real consciousness, to solve the problem without rationalization or vain hypothesis then, by all means, concentrate upon a chakra and visualize yourself a heaven."

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