Images of Essence

Full-color softcover, 80 pages
ISBN: 9780986445705
Kindle edition available

The Standing Now


Cover of Images of Essence

The photographic wanderings of Bob Fergeson and the poetic endeavors of Shawn Nevins share a common theme: the standing now.

"Nunc fluens facit tempus, nunc stans facit aeternitatem."

The passing now makes time, the standing now makes eternity.
   ~ Boethius

It is the moment we all share, when our self-concern is swept away by the wispy hems of clouds, the bone branches of an ancient evergreen, or the cool, impassive face of an alpine lake—when a pause in the passing now of our short lives reveals eternity.

In this superb collection of spiritual poetry and photography, Bob and Shawn combine forces to create a book that has best been described as "like Rumi with a Nikon." Opening to any page is an invitation to meditation.

Bob Fergeson is a Colorado-based photographer and avid mountaineer. View more of his photographs at nostalgiawest.com. Shawn Nevins is a poet and filmmaker. His poems have appeared in Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Sacred Journey and Poetry Chaikhana.  » Read more about the authors.

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