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Beyond Mind, Beyond Death
Mister Rose
Remembering Your True Desire
The Center Cannot Hold
The Heart of the Matter &
What Is Spiritual Action?


DVD Ordering Options

We provide two options for placing orders for the Beyond Mind, Beyond Death and What Is Spiritual Action? DVDs.

  1. CreateSpace is part of the Amazon group of companies. When you order our DVDs through CreateSpace.com, almost four times more of your payment goes toward the TAT Foundation's activities for spiritual seekers, including sponsoring conferences and workshops, maintaining a Web site and monthly Forum, and promoting rare book and DVD titles. In short, more of your DVD payment is put toward TAT's 100% volunteer efforts. If you aren't already registered, you will need to create an account with CreateSpace before placing an order or viewing the shipping charges.

    » Enter discount code 53TK4AXT for a 20% discount on the TAT Foundation's Beyond Mind, Beyond Death and What Is Spiritual Action? DVDs ordered through CreateSpace.

    » View CreateSpace's payment, shipping, and return policies.
  2. Amazon.com offers a huge selection of books, DVDs, and other merchandise. If you aren't already registered, you will need to create an account with Amazon before placing an order.

    » View Amazon's payment, shipping, and return policies.

Sorry, DVDs of Mister Rose, The Center Cannot Hold, and The Heart of the Matter are currently unavailable through CreateSpace or Amazon. Use PayPal to order the DVDs.


DVD Returns

DVDs may not be returned after purchase. You may return defective or damaged merchandise for a replacement within 30 days of the order ship date. Please return the DVDs in their original product packaging. us with questions about returns.


DVD Formats

DVDs are NTSC, region-free DVD-R discs. There are two television video systems, NTSC and PAL/SECAM. The U.S., Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and parts of South America use NTSC; Europe and most other areas of the world use PAL or SECAM. Almost all DVD players sold in PAL countries play NTSC discs as well. New television sets sold in Europe are capable of receiving NTSC as well as PAL formats, but older sets are not. So, even though a European DVD player is capable of playing this DVD, a European TV set might not be able to display it unless it is a newer set.

In summary...

  If you live in a PAL country, please check your TV set's manual to find out if it is a multi-format set.

  Most DVD PC software and hardware can play both NTSC and PAL video.

  Please check your DVD player to see if it will play DVD-R format. Some older players will not. Most computers with DVD-ROM players will.



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