TAT Fall Workshop 2011
Friday - Sunday, Sept. 2 - 4
The Dedicated Life
Session Details

Friday Evening

Getting acquainted/reacquainted (talking-stick format) - Wyatt Wright

Round-robin introductions (tell us about yourself, what you've been doing, what you're looking for, etc.), an exercise to stimulate self-inquiry, and an exercise to think about, maybe write down, what you want to get out of the weekend.


Saturday Daytime

Three workshops that everyone can experience:

One Step Closer - Shawn Nevins

"What is the question that, if you had the answer, would set you free?" We'll help one another find clarity about our goal, discover how we're hedging our bets, and find a bit of grace within the daily grind.

The Best of Richard Rose: Direct-Mind Master - Paul Constant

"...we cannot hope to know, by relative mentation, that which another has come to know or realize by a direct-mind experience."
     ~ Richard Rose, Psychology of the Observer

Richard Rose used the term "direct-mind experience" to emphasize his approach to cutting through complexities. Rose embodied a teaching style that could knock down one student's ego through confrontation and, moments later, directly connect with another student's intuition through rapport or inspiration.

In this session, Paul rifles deep into his box of personal notes, recorded while attending TAT meetings and Rose lectures during the 1980's and 90's. Participants will engage in both an intellectual approach and an intuitive approach to looking inward using Rose's material.

Let's Talk About Love - Art Ticknor

A three-pronged discussion—of dedication, whole-heartedness, and love—interspersed with short music clips and a reading, to focus on feelings as well as thoughts about how we walk the path to Truth and Love.


Saturday Evening

What's One Thing You'd Like to Know? - Eric Clark, Ram Subbiah & Wyatt Wright

An opportunity to think about and ask questions that are on your mind. Free-ranging discussion among participants and session leaders.


Sunday Daytime

Workshops (continued)

The three concurrent workshops from Saturday continue in breakout session #3. Groups will rotate to their final workshop.

Feedback to participants - Monitored by Mike Gegenheimer

Session leaders and participants provide observations and comments to each participant—the goal being to help each self-inquirer see what may be blocking self-knowing.


Sunday Evening

Processing the Weekend

Silent time with your thoughts, feelings, pen and paper to reflect back over the workshops and other sessions.

Farewell - Ben Rainey

An opportunity to discuss what you've distilled from the weekend, whether it coincides with what you hoped for, and how you intend to implement any inspirations.


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