TAT Fall Workshop 2010
Friday - Sunday, Sept. 3 - 5
Quenching the Come and Go
Session Details

Friday Evening

Getting Acquainted / Reacquainted - Corina Bardasuc and Ben Rainey

Possible content: Round-robin introductions (tell us about yourself, what you've been doing, what you're looking for, etc.) ... exercises to stimulate self-inquiry (values clarification, e.g.) ... exercise to get people to think about, maybe write down, what they want to get out of the weekend, etc.


Saturday Daytime

Three workshops that everyone can experience:

We Are Hollow Reeds - Shawn Nevins

An interactive exploration of creativity as a path of doing "not-doing."

Becoming: Dissolving the Self into Absolute Awareness - Paul Constant

When you go after the answer of Life and Death, the meaning of man, the definition of man, you may well come up with an answer such as oblivion. If you're a student of the truth, you've got to accept what comes, not what you can create. So this is what you've got to keep in the back of your computer too: no phony answers. That which is, is all that you want. —Richard Rose (from a public lecture titled Metaphysics, 1980)

For those who would listen, Richard Rose aptly described a seeker's situation: variable moods and states of mind, the need for intense application of spiritual effort, and looming death. For those diligent enough, Rose said a discovery is available that will answer life's mysteries with finality—a discovery involving a simultaneous experience of Nothingness and Everythingness. He emphatically discouraged seekers from attempting to define Truth, instead imploring us to back away from untruth and eventually Become. But how shall we know what we should become? What does it mean to change Being? How will we know if we have changed in the right way? And as seekers, what are the signposts along the path that indicate we're heading in the right direction?

This session will include a brief video clip from one of Rose's talks at a TAT meeting. The session will draw upon the participants' experiences on the spiritual path in a self-imposed attempt to narrow the field of choices.

The Conciliatory Path to Self-Knowing thru Insight - Shawn Pethel and Art Ticknor

To know the self, we need to go beyond relative knowing. To do so requires finding the conciliatory position beyond all opposites. The workshop will include exercises and discussion aimed toward that objective.


Saturday Evening

What's One Thing You'd Like to Know? - participants and session leaders

An opportunity to think about and ask questions that are on your mind. Free-ranging discussion among participants and session leaders.


Sunday Daytime

Workshops (continued)

The three concurrent workshops from Saturday continue in breakout session #3. Groups will rotate to their final workshop.

Feedback to participants - Monitored by Mike Gegenheimer

Session leaders and participants provide observations and comments to each participant—the goal being to help each self-inquirer see what may be blocking self-knowing.


Sunday Evening

Processing the Weekend

Silent time with your thoughts, feelings, pen and paper to reflect back over the workshops and other sessions.

Spiritual Care Plan - Heather Saunders and Carolyn Bard

Construct an action plan for your own spiritual care. Discuss with other participants and session leaders.


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