Energy Transmutation,
Between-ness and Transmission

Softcover, 68 pages, ISBN: 978-1-878683-02-1

Spiritual Progress Depends Upon Transmuted Energy


Cover of Energy Transmutation, Between-ness and Transmission by Richard Rose Selected quotes by Richard Rose:

  "Tension is the prime element in any spiritual exaltation. Sometimes the tension is accumulated and unconsciously endured over a period of years... Life is tension at work."

  "We make the mistake of embracing a theological doctrine that everything is placed here as our toys or food. We fall into the role of playing God by virtue of being God's chosen animal. We observe and cause animal misery, and cause a tremendous lot of it with a sort of compassionate facetiousness that lets us see only half of the picture ... organic life up to the scale of man."

  "Individual genius is directly related to the ability by that individual to know and store and properly use that quantum energy. Likewise with spiritual progress. Spiritual progress depends upon that transmuted energy."

  "Only those who believe there is a path will ever find one."

  "There are two roads to enlightenment. The way of intense, individual effort that has no predictableness at all about it. It is just a relentless blind struggle to summon the whole entity to find definition. The other way is semi-synthetic. It too involves all of the above conditions and unpredictableness, but in addition to the solitary efforts of the student, there are attempts by the student to accelerate his progress with the aid of a group of fellows, or with the aid of a teacher or helper..."

  "We look out the window at this point and observe the world as a sorrowful slaughterhouse, a place of blood and carnage, wherein the most noble efforts of nature and the whole system of Tension lead and evolve only to semen, blood, and blockheads."

  "... Faith is definitely a law that has cosmic roots, but as a law it gives us no inkling as to the cause of ourselves or the universe."

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