The Direct-Mind Experience

Softcover, 316 pages, ISBN: 978-1-878683-01-4
Hardback, ISBN: 978-1-878683-01-4H

Approaching the Mind Directly


Cover of The Direct-Mind Experience by Richard Rose Selected quotes by Richard Rose:

  "The system has to do with preparing someone for the experience (of Realization). Two things are practiced: one is the arrival at a knowledge of the mundane self, or personality,-- the elimination of the discrepancies in the personality, false beliefs, etc. The second aims at direct-mind communication."

  "Doubt everything except your ability to doubt. You have to have faith in your ability to accomplish, your ability to sort."

  "To generate anything above the mental capacities, we must remove the ego."

  "... In direct mind introspection, the mind stares at itself, and eliminates the mind-functions that would prematurely destroy the body, or would distort the ability to recognize the true states of mind. Only the true states of mind will lead us to True Scientific Realization."

  "Any system, religion, or philosophy that does not in its very beginning find for man relief from the confusion of uncertain and changing mind states has no real foundation. In other words, just because some -ism appeals to you in a certain state of mind, this doesn't mean that it is valid....
     "You may or may not be aware of this, but we are strongly subject to states of mind.... And the way you'll know this is that when your passions are surfeited you will see that your state of mind changes abruptly because of chemical change....
     "We must first know the self and find transcendence from confusion. It is not enough to read philosophy and Zen,-- we must find ourselves. We must find out who is talking, who is reading and studying, who is looking for survival. And we've got to find some safety from vacillating convictions."

  "... I found that Zen indicates a method of approaching the mind directly with the mind,--rather that approaching spiritual values through emotional reading or emotional living. Emotional or devotional, we might say the two are tied together. Most religions encourage an emotional-devotional thing to find a spiritual value."

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