Softcover, 147 pages, ISBN: 978-1-878683-03-8

Selected Poems by Richard Rose


Cover of Carillon by Richard Rose


I passed through a deep crevice at twilight,
And I saw a narrow vista of trees,
Magical in the mists--
Vocal to the hush of meaning,
Whispering to the wisdom of shades,--
Of degrees,--
Before the backdrop of eternity. . . .
And I had a friend. . .
Whose dust with mine was not the bond,
Whose love with mine was not the bond,
Whose teaching with me was not the bond,
Both of us had been to this same place,
To the twilight in the narrow crevice,
And because of this place, we are eternal.


The Dawn Breaks

The dawn breaks because another day and night have died,
But the sky was there through all.
The butterfly floats a moment and then
his dalliance is only an eternal picture.
The breast flows with milk and is
dry forever.
And the lullaby of life and the ear
that hear it weaken and cease.

Nothing is happening. Nothing is done.
The sun rises in glory and the lover
stretches his shoulders with ambition,
The sunset is forever, and the lover
drinks of beauty,
And beauty drinks of the lover
And life loses its pride in death.

But nothing is happening. Nothing is done.
The eye and the urge are beauty and life,
The owner is disenfranchised
The holder lets go his grasp and everything becomes
his domain.
God is in his thought, and his thought lives only
in his God.
Nothing is judged. Nothing is known.
Nothing is meaningful. Everything is perfect.


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