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Web Sites of TAT Members and Friends

Is there such a thing as a successful searcher? Take a look at this terrific resource compiled by one searcher as a documentation of "hits" and "misses" he encountered along the way. This spiritual search guide is designed to save you time. Also, the Spiritual Friends Locator is designed to help you find like-minded people to work with, especially those in your geographic area.

Self-Discovery Portal
Home site for the Group of Gainesville, FL, including Zen for the Western Mind: a recap of Hubert Benoit's Supreme Doctrine: Psychological Studies in Zen Thought; Ch'an Masters of Ancient China: excerpts from the inspiring writings of T'ang Dynasty Zen masters; Pulyan & Transmission: Zen master without lineage and master of the lost art of transmission; Greatest Teachers: the greatest western teachers of recent times on finding a total answer—Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Douglas Harding and Richard Rose; and Conquest of Illusion: excerpt from the van der Leeuw classic.

Access over 150 essays, stories, transcriptions, and wisdom from Richard Rose and other spiritual writers. Here, you will find rare reading material for seekers who are serious about going within and discovering something meaningful.

Poetry in Motion Films
A site featuring two films that explore the spiritual, philosophic, and metaphysical dimensions of life. Includes the spiritual documentaries, "Closer than Close: a portrait of seeking and finding our true self" and "Meetings With Remarkable Women: a documentary of women's spirituality."

The Mystic Missal
Provides practical steps as well as valuable references for the spiritual seeker. It also includes a newsletter, which pays tribute to selected spiritual giants and includes arresting commentary by the editor. See also the companion sites: The Listening Attention, with additional writing and humor aimed at the Gateway to Within; and Nostalgia West, containing photos from the Rockies to West Virginia, past and present.

Bart Marshall's website, which contains writings, audio and video recordings, and information on his books at Realface Press.

Other Favorite Sites of TAT Members and Friends

Douglas Harding
Visit this site to get a feeling for the teachings of this remarkable Englishman. "This method of self-enquiry, sometimes called 'headlessness' or 'seeing who you really are' ('seeing' for short), has been pioneered by the English philosopher and workshop leader Douglas E. Harding (1909 - 2007). It is a contemporary approach which investigates the question Who am I? and suggests that you can see Who you really are here and now. It provides simple but deep awareness exercises that direct you to this Seeing within yourself."

William Samuel & Friends
Introduction to the life and teaching of William Samuel (1924-1976), a master teacher who communicated honestly and clearly his insights on the Absolute and the premises of Nonduality.

Nisargadatta Maharaj
This page on the Spiritual Teachers site is a good introduction to this Indian guru. The interview of Alexander Smit provides a fascinating look at how Nisargadatta worked.

The Zoo Fence
An independent commentary on issues of interest and importance to seekers in search of the Truth about themselves. Also an open forum.

Religion and Spirituality Resources
Dedicated to wisdom, spiritual growth, and the impartial study of all religious and spiritual traditions.

Write Spirit
Inspirational quotes, talks, spiritual poetry, free music downloads, and more. "Sharing ancient wisdom and modern inspiration."

The Franklin-Merrell-Wolff Web Site, The Franklin Merrell-Wolff Fellowship Site, and The Nondual Philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff.
Three web sites about Franklin Merrell-Wolff.

Bernadette's Friends Blogspot
Information on workshops and retreats with Bernadette Roberts.

Richard Rose biography.

Gurdjieff Internet Guide
Resources related to the Gurdjieff teachings and the Fourth Way.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Web Site
Richard Rose admired Ramana Maharshi's simple, straightforward teaching of Self-Inquiry, and devoted a large portion of his Profound Writings: East & West to the Maharshi's dialogues.

Paul Brunton Philosophical Foundation
Paul Brunton's extraordinary wisdom-teachings "for people seeking deeper experience and broader understanding of themselves, their world, and their Source."

Allspirit is a site of spiritual writings, poetry, quotations, and song lyrics. Check the poetry index for a list of over 50 poets, including Rumi, Rabindranath Tagore, William Blake, Hafiz, Thich Nhat Hanh, and many others.

Capacitie was the word used by Thomas Traherne to describe essential being. This site is especially valuable for the archive on John Wren-Lewis, Douglas Harding articles, dialogue meetings (inspired by David Bohm), and the newsletter, "Now."

Nonduality Salon
This site contains over 1,000 pages, thousands of original articles and letters, and unique links. "Contributors to Nonduality Salon have changed the terrain of Nonduality in the world. A powerful resource of quotes, links to spiritual teachers, essays, and online communities."

the awakened eye
A place for ideas and teachings on Nondual awareness as they are put forward by artists, educators, scientists, philosophers, sages, and saints.

"Where religion and science meet common sense." This site presents largely ignored spiritual perspectives on practical issues such as emotional problems, spiritual questions, relationships, and health. In addition, it hosts a collection of teachers, scientists, and thinkers from many perspectives.

Spiritual Funny Bones

It's easy to get depressed, pessimistic, and other forms of taking ourselves too seriously when we're on a spiritual quest and seem to find more downs than ups in the elevator ride of life. As an antidote, here are some sites that TAT members and friends recommend for their humor. Also check the humor section in the TAT Forum Archive.

Chris Madden's Meaning of Life Cartoons

Mark Twain Quotes

Walking the Path with Brother Theophylee

Your Recommendations

us with your recommendations for sites to consider, or for other communications.

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Criteria for Consideration

Although the TAT Foundation members' and friends' choices are strictly subjective, many of them consider the criteria that Richard Rose outlined in The Albigen Papers as a good set of guidelines in forming evaluations "On Gurus and Unique Systems."

From chapter four of The Albigen Papers, the following guidelines weigh whether they enlighten us ably or poorly about...

The nature of man, especially the inner man.

Life before birth.

Life after death.

The relation of man to nature, the world and the visible cosmos.

The relation of man to the Absolute. Most people, and this includes philosophers as well as humble lay-seekers, put the cart before the horse and proceed to try to understand the universe, or life after death, before understanding first their own nature and how they come to be here.

The following are keys in analyzing -isms:

Of the many -isms that take on the tasks of explaining any of the above five items, we determine to gauge for the least unlikely or those nearer to the truth.

We take note of the avatar or other original exponent of the -ism, and we look for personal inspiration and perhaps miraculous evidence of his being a superior and, hence, wiser being.

We study writings of the -isms for contradiction.

We look for isms that explain more phenomena than other isms.

We pay heed to isms that appeal to our intuition.

We watch all the isms for most common factors, in the business of equating that some truth must accompany concurrence by a number of faiths or movements.

So we look for a workable system or discipline superior to other disciplines...


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