A sampling of quotes from Bob Cergol

Bob Cergol

These forms are like peep-holes, through which the Absolute gazes back into itself. In that process, these forms become animated, and the thought arises that the form is the self. In reality that form is nothing more than a vision—for only the Source is. Nothing else is.

That seed thought, that the form is the self, gives rise to the whole creation in which we believe we live. Anyone can realize this since it is their true nature right now—but you have to be willing to let go of ALL that you believe yourself to be. A major obstacle to doing this is not accepting totally everything about yourself right now. The ego maintains itself by picking and choosing aspects to conform to the image it wants to be and project. This inevitably means rejecting and hiding pieces of ourselves from ourselves.

So a willingness to accept everything about oneself, the good, the bad and the ugly is a way of doing an "end-run" around the ego self which could break the identification with the body-mind-persona. But it's as though the two occur simultaneously. You can't see clearly so long as you would reject that which you might see. As soon as you come to a point of willing acceptance you see clearly. Getting to this point of acceptance involves surrender. You can't decide to surrender, but you can get to this point by counter-balancing the intellectual side of self-inquiry with what the Hindus refer to as Bhakti. A heartfelt remembrance that a higher power, albeit unknown, is running the show opens one to the "grace of God." As Rumi says, "Whoever brought me here will have to take me home."

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