The Albigen Papers

Softcover, 256 pages, ISBN: 978-1-878683-00-7
Hardback, ISBN: 978-1-878683-07-6

Path to Truth


Cover of The Albigen Papers by Richard Rose Selected quotes by Richard Rose:

  "There is a path to Truth. From ignorance to relative knowledge. From relative knowledge to an awareness of the limitation of such knowledge. And finally, we pass from intelligence to a reality of Being."

  "There is only one time to start and this is now. The manner of searching is to use the tools at hand until better methods are discovered. Of course, in order to begin a work we must have an objective."

  "People are able to continue living or tolerate life by putting serious thoughts as far back as possible. Something inside the individual does not wish to examine its potential for oblivion. The human mind does not want to see anything negative about itself."

  "It is possible that there is such a thing as a will, and we have no choice but to act as though we have one. However, it seems highly foolish for this milling mass called humanity to pretend to have a free will of unlimited range. Can we choose the thought that inspires us to think that we are choosing? Does the hog choose the butcher?"

  "We are unaware of this life of make-believe, simply because we live it as reality."

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