After the Absolute
Real Life Adventures With A Backwoods Buddha

Softcover, 386 pages, ISBN: 9780595239948

An Account of Life with Richard Rose


Cover of After the Absolute by David Gold David Gold intends that we should, indeed, hear of Richard Rose. From early college days, Lawyer Gold was a student of Rose, and hung in there for decades, surviving Rose's disciplinary demands. Now, with help from his friend and fellow-student, Bart Marshall, Gold has given us an account of this most unordinary of farmers, as seen by one disciple.

There it was. My fear of the funnel. On the other side was Truth, God, the Absolute, Infinite Awareness—the Reality I claimed to be seeking. But I knew it would not be Dave Gold that survived the funnel, and Dave Gold was all that I knew.

- D.G.


Selected quotes from Richard Rose in After the Absolute:

  "And strangely enough, something was aware of the Nothingness as I fell, and of the Everything-ness as I took command of creation. That's why I say, in the final analysis, what you are is the Observer. That which you see is never you. That which sees, that's you."

  "And most important, I believe, to my eventual discovery, was celibacy. Between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-eight I was totally celibate. I was celibate because my intuition told me it was worth a try, and because all the people I'd read about who'd achieved anything of a spiritual nature had an energy retention plan—they were celibate."

  "The formula for this is between-ness. A person doesn't have to be enlightened to practice it. Between-ness is the ability to anticipate what is going to happen in the dimension of the Manifesting Mind. You can do almost anything, as long as your will accords with the will of the Manifesting Mind. Actually, you could say that when you are in a between state your will becomes the will of the Manifesting Mind."

  "Our minds were one. My thoughts were her thoughts, her thoughts were my thoughts. Because mine is the more deeply rooted mind, it's dominant. This is how transmission occurs. While our heads were locked I entered the mood of my Experience and she came with me as far as she could. I tried to take her farther but she couldn't go. She saw the world as a shadow but she never saw what is real. After two hours I could see she was wasn't going any farther, so I just turned my head away—my internal head, I mean, of course—and she came out of it."

  "Every true spiritual system expresses the same thing in one way or another—try like hell while at the same time surrendering to God."

  "…nostalgia is a window to the soul, and the soul is lost to man as he lives. Nostalgia is the soul's memory of prior experience. Touching it, you touch the Eternal."


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