TAT Fall Workshop 2012
The Language of the Soul

Friday - Sunday, Aug. 31 - Sept. 2

Session Details

Friday Evening

Listening for Nostalgia - Ben Rainey

An exercise in turning the attention to the inner sense of longing or nostalgia, and a remembrance of what pulls us along the spiritual path. Many approaches to this inner sense will be used to help participants get in touch with this deep inner tug.


Saturday Daytime

Three workshops that everyone can experience:

Rapport - Paul Constant

Merriam-Webster Online defines rapport as "relation marked by harmony, conformity, accord, or affinity." Spiritual rapport can occur when sincere, introspective people gather together. An environment is created where people tend to let go of self-conscious thinking, which opens up the possibility of a non-ordinary state of perception. Afterwards, a truer mood will reveal itself. Harmony, camaraderie, and friendship may pervade the group. Indeed, those who feel the rapport will know their friends and fellow seekers in a way that a thousand words can never convey.

Rapport sittings have been a long-standing tradition at TAT meetings. This workshop will bring a deeper understanding through feeling and discussion.

How does one return to the source? - Art Ticknor

One of the quotes from the Gospel of Thomas that Douglas Harding cited in his essay "A Jesus for Our Time" (Look for Yourself) was: "You examine the face of heaven and earth, but you don't know what's where you are. And you ignore the present moment." Where are you ... and what's where you are? We'll start off with a writing exercise about the topic and then discuss what we've come up with.

Nostalgia as a doorway to Self-Transcendence - Bob Cergol

Richard Rose said nostalgia was the language of the soul.

Language is for communication, so what is the communication of nostalgia? Eternality and Love.

What evokes a feeling of nostalgia in any individual is personal, but what is universal is that it involves an image that evokes a sense of timelessness and selflessness. Such images are bookmarks in the "Tales of Love" that each of our lives entail. That bookmark coalesces a subtext in the banal events of everyday existence into a simple, memorable theme of Love and Eternality that provides an object for the attention to contemplate that transcends the inherent selfishness of individuality and presents us an opening for self-transcendence.

This session will attempt to find these bookmarks in our lives and bring them into immediate attention through readings, spontaneous interactions, and group contemplation.


Saturday Evening

Cultivating ignorance - Dean Nelson

Ignorance is a tricky thing since it is the absence of knowledge. How can we know we are ignorant? In our search for reality, truth, the absolute, we know we are not in possession of that which we seek. How do we recognize that? In this session, we will share our strategies for confronting this koan of ignorance. How do you keep your gaze on that which you don't know?



Workshops (continued)

The three concurrent workshops from Saturday continue in breakout session #3. Groups will rotate to their final workshop.

Feedback to participants - Monitored by Mike Gegenheimer

Session leaders and participants provide observations and comments to each participant—the goal being to help each self-inquirer see what may be blocking self-knowing.


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