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The following TAT authors, presenters, and filmmakers are long-time members of the TAT Foundation. As former students of Richard Rose, they continue their commitment to seekers of Truth through books and films, presentations at TAT Foundation events, contributions of essays and poems to the TAT Forum, DVD video presentations, and free MP3 audio recordings.

Bob Cergol Bob Cergol

Bob Cergol met Richard Rose in 1972 and soon after attended the initial gathering wherein the TAT Foundation was officially formed. After 27 years of seeking, Bob found the ultimate answer—an answer precipitated while reading Alfred Pulyan's personal correspondence with Rose, dated August 1960. Over the past decade, Bob has delivered a number of poignant presentations during TAT events and has authored numerous Forum essays that were ultimately published in Beyond Mind, Beyond Death, a TAT Foundation Press book.

Bob Fergeson Bob Fergeson

Bob Fergeson is a Colorado-based photographer and avid mountaineer. In the winter of 2000, while skiing in the backcountry of Colorado, Bob found what he sought. In his own words, "something happened to me that answered my questions as to who I am and my relationship to life and death, the questions that had somehow haunted me—consciously or not—for most of my adult life." More recently, Bob authored The Listening Attention, a simple and profound teaching on finding the gateway to within. He is also the co-author of the beautiful book of poetry and photographs, Images of Essence. More information: The Listening Attention.

Tess Hughes Tess Hughes

Tess Hughes was born into a Irish family of nine and grew up on a farm where, from an early age, she began asking questions: Is there life after death? What's it all about? By accident, she encountered TAT's website and subsequently traveled to the United States in 2005 to participate in several TAT events. In August 2010, during a week-long solitary retreat, Tess had an "experience" that she knew was the end of the line. She had seen her True Nature—all questions were answered with finality. Tess lives with her husband in Ireland and occasionally sponsors retreats there. More information: TessHughes.com.

Bart Marshall Bart Marshall

Bart Marshall is a long-time seeker, talented writer, co-producer of the Mister Rose film, and author of The Perennial Way: New English Versions of Yoga Sutras, Dhammapada, Heart Sutra, Ashtavakra Gita, Faith Mind Sutra, and Tao Te Ching. A 2004 visit with Douglas Harding catalyzed a radical change in perspective that completed his search for answers. Currently, Bart is involved with the Self Inquiry Discussion Group in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. More information: Raleigh NC Self Inquiry Discussion Group. View "Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview" video of Bart Marshall at You Tube.

Shawn Nevins began his spiritual search in 1990, a search that culminated in a final Realization in 1999 as he was reading Franklin Merrell-Wolff's paper entitled The Induction. His creative endeavors include the book The Celibate Seeker and the film Closer Than Close—an acclaimed documentary on Self-realization. Shawn is also the co-author of Images of Essence, and his poems have appeared in Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Sacred Journey, and Poetry Chaikhana. Presently, Shawn is involved in numerous outreach activities for seekers through the TAT Foundation. More information: Poetry in Motion Films.

Anima Pundeer Anima Pundeer

Anima Pundeer began meditating in her late teen years and soon realized that underneath all the suffering in the world, the real pain was the pain of feeling a separate self. Her life changed abruptly in 1998 after finding for the first time a spiritual group of honest seekers and friends. In 2004, Anima realized non-individualized Awareness—the Absolute. More recently, Anima has facilitated no-nonsense sessions at TAT's Annual Fall Workshop. She has an uncanny ability to directly perceive a seeker's blocks.

Art Ticknor Art Ticknor

Art Ticknor worked first hand with numerous psychological and philosophical systems during years of intensive research. Twenty-six years of effort toward self-definition paid off in 2004, when the final nail was driven into the ego's coffin during an intense Realization. Art is the author of the book Solid Ground of Being, an invaluable guide on the quest for self knowledge. He currently lives the life of a modern day mystic and is involved in the Pittsburgh-based Philosophical Self-Inquiry Discussion Group. More information: Self-Discovery Portal.


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